Your First Visit

During your initial appointment we will spend the time with you to understand your dental needs and wants to create treatment options that match your expectations. Our state of the art photographic and imaging technology enables us to capture, plan and analyse your current dental health and your smile and share your dental issues with you visually.

A comprehensive examination of your mouth will be completed including a thorough medical history evaluation, oral soft tissue exam, an oral cancer exam, gum health infection evaluation, jaw joint stability and complete teeth photographic records, allowing us to identify any current or future problems. 

To assist us in our diagnostic process, dental x-rays will be taken of your mouth (including OPG and individual teeth x rays) in addition to any further tests utilising the latest dental technologies available.

A full series of photographs of your teeth and gums will be reviewed with you and from this visual record, a clear discussion about your treatment needs and options can be carried out.

We truly believe that if you can see your dental issues first hand and have explained to you the different options to prevent problems from developing (gum infections, worn and cracked teeth), that you will be able to design your own individualised Treatment Plan with our team of highly skilled clinicians.

At your second appointment usually 1 week later, a complimentary written Treatment Plan will be provided to assist you to understand all the treatment options available to you as well as the sequelae of each of them prior to commencing any treatment.

Everyone smiles in the same language.


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