General Dentistry

At DR Dental, we believe in evidence-based preventative dental care and the importance of maintaining optimum dental health. We work with you to achieve this goal and to address any dental health concerns you have. We offer our patients a full spectrum of general dental services, including general check ups, a full x-ray diagnostic service including OPG (Orthopantomogram), gum health treatments, emergency dentistry, tooth coloured fillings, crowns and implants, Digital Smile Design, night splints, mouthguards and the treatment of sleep disorders, snoring and jaw joints issues.

Our dedicated professional clinicians have extensive experience and a wide range of dental skills. They consistently expand their wealth of knowledge and keep up to date with the latest technologies through ongoing clinical training and attending conferences and continuing education workshops.

The clinic at DR Dental is also the home of DR Institute, Dr Rogers Teaching and Research centre, so all our associates and hygienists are fully abreast of the latest clinical techniques and research from his network of dental professors and researchers globally.

In addition to general dentistry and hygiene treatments, we offer our patients sleep apnoea solutions through our dedicated sleep apnoea clinic, under the direction of Associate Professor Michael Stubbs, specialist in Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology.

Our practice is committed to providing you with natural formulations (traditional drug therapy replacements) that our team have developed in conjunction with our compounding pharmacy to optimise your healing through a strong immune system.

We don’t standardly use antibiotics for dental infections if there are other more natural means to assist with treating these issues in your mouth. Your dental and overall health is our focus. 

We feel a commitment to a holistic series of protocols to enhance your total health needs as well as protecting your teeth from dental decay is our role as education providers.

You’re never fully dressed without a smile.

Martin Charnin

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