Preventative Dentistry

As with your general health, when it comes to your oral health, prevention is always better than cure. Our aim is to provide our clients with the knowledge to be able to make informed decisions and establish good dental care habits. 

Hygiene therapy appointments

Many patients are not aware of the importance of regular check ups and dental hygiene visits as they relate to their dental and overall health.

The mouth is the second largest and most diverse environment in the body after the digestive system. 

There are over 700 species of bacteria as well as many other microorganisms such as viruses and fungi and this makes the oral cavity an unpredictable territory. Since it is the ‘entrance point’ to the rest of the body, it is critical in the maintenance of your overall health.

Your hygiene therapy appointments are designed to educate, promote and maintain good oral and systemic health. Unfortunately, as most dental problems are not symptomatic until the late stages, by the time you visit your dentist with pain and/or infection, moderate to major dental treatment may be required.

Our recommendation for dental hygiene appointment frequency can vary depending on each patient’s circumstances. This is determined after a thorough assessment process including a full periodontal chart with our dental hygienist and may change over the course of care depending on your mouth and gum’s response to your hygiene therapy.

The maximum amount of time between appointments for preventative care is 6 months. 

If your oral health requires extra attention due to more deep seated gum infections (or the presence of periodontitis), more frequent appointments such as every 3-4 months are recommended.

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