Tooth Coloured Fillings (Bonding)

Tooth colored fillings or composite bonding as they are commonly known, has been considered as the single most important dental innovation since the high speed drill.

It can be used to treat discolored, gappy or chipped front teeth as well as in the replacement of silver fillings and in the treatment of decay in back teeth.

In back teeth when decay occurs, a hole starts as a cavitation in the tooth surface allowing bacterial colonies to develop away from the sites of home care provided by tooth-brushing and flossing. To prevent the enlargement of the decay, a tooth colored filling will probably be required to remove bacterial contamination from inside the tooth and restore the tooth surface allowing brushing and flossing to maintain the area free of plaque, the precursor of decay.

Modern tooth colored fillings use adhesive techniques to reduce the amount of tooth removed and to bond to the remaining tooth surface supporting it and preventing future fracturing, (unlike silver fillings which often lead to long term cracks in teeth). This is completed in a single visit to treat and remove decay in the teeth and will act to alleviate symptoms of sensitivity that can be associated with a hole in the tooth. 

Preventative management is our aim and our team of dentists and hygienists will discuss with you as to why decay developed in the first place and how we can work as a team to prevent future decay from occurring. 

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