Periodontitis (periodontal disease) is an advanced form of gum disease.

It is a serious infection of the gum and bone that supports the teeth. It is common but largely preventable.

Flossing daily with regular tooth brushing as well as regular professional hygienist treatment visits, reduces the risk of it leading to long term problems. 

Left untreated, it can cause significant bone loss and eventually tooth loss. 

It is most often caused by poor oral hygiene—inadequate brushing and flossing.

When gingivitis is left untreated, the inflamed gum breaks down from the tooth surface creating pockets in which bacteria become trapped encouraging more bacterial growth and infection to occur at the upper levels of jaw bone.

The bacteria involved in periodontitis are also implicated in heart disease leading to a general worsening of health, not just a crisis of oral health.


Periodontitis symptoms:

What is Bone Loss?

Bone loss is the result of uncontrolled and untreated gum infection (Periodontal Disease). 

It may lead to tooth loss if not treated but can be diagnosed by regular attendance at your dentist and hygienist and the assistance of x-rays and periodontal charts to assess the levels of bone support. Once assessed, your dentist and hygienist can recommend steps to restore health to the foundations of your teeth and prevent further bone loss.

Smoking/ Vaping

People who smoke have a higher risk of gum problems and oral cancer. Smoking also impairs your body’s ability to heal and increases your risk of infection after dental treatment. 

Electronic cigarettes, even though deemed ‘safer’ or a ‘healthier option’ than conventional smoking, have also been found to increase the risk for periodontal disease and oral cancers.

If you are a smoker and would like assistance in helping you quit, please speak with your dentist, hygienist or health professional.

Periodontal Disease Article

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