Replacing Missing Teeth

If teeth are lost as a result of trauma, gum infections or extensive decay (creating cracked teeth), replacement of the missing tooth may be required to prevent the following:

There are many options available to replace missing teeth including:

What is a dental bridge?

A bridge is a fused series of crowns that uses the teeth either side of the missing teeth as supports for the bridge. The material used to construct the bridge is either porcelain or metal based or a mixture of both. 

Cosmetically, the best result is achieved with an all ceramic bridge which creates a more life like appearance of the missing tooth.

If the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are heavily filled then rebuilding them is a good option for their long term strength and in combination with a crown to replace the missing tooth, all 3 crowns are fused together to create the bridge.

Cleaning under and around the bridge requires dental floss with special floss threaders to clean away any plaque under the bridge. Your hygienist will ensure you know how to carry out the correct cleaning protocol to ensure no gum infection develops.

The decayed tooth prior to treatment.

An all porcelain bridge was created to replace this tooth that was removed. 

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