Night Splints

Clenching and grinding habits, (otherwise known as Bruxism) are common in the population. Around 20% of the population have reported an awareness of a clenching and grinding habit during the daytime, and around 8% clench and grind during the night.

In some cases this is associated with symptoms of soreness and pain in the jaw, otherwise known as a temporomandibular dysfunction or jaw strain. However, most cases are asymptomatic and are associated with significant tooth wear and cracked teeth. 

Modern dental and medical care is unable to stop a clenching habit at night, however prevention of damage to the teeth is crucial for long term oral health. 

Common causes of night-time grinding include:

After a comprehensive examination, your dentist may recommend an occlusal splint, otherwise known as a night guard. This is a clear plastic device custom made using 3D milled technology to comfortably fit over the teeth at night time to protect the teeth against wear and fractures. Using the latest technology, your splint is made slimline and comfortable to wear. It does not stop the cause of all grinding habits, but prevents damage to your teeth from the grinding habit. 

At your next visit, ask our team about your clenching and grinding habits and management strategies best suited to you to reduce further damage to your teeth.

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