Facial & Cosmetic Enhancements

Have you ever wanted to return to your life before stress and wrinkles? At FACE, we can assist you to rejuvenate your facial appearance.

Lines and wrinkles can develop as early as our 20s! Thankfully, today’s advanced injectable solutions & skin treatments enable patients to prevent & effectively reduce these fine lines and wrinkles in just minutes!

Dr. Derry Rogers and his team of Registered Nurses (RN’s) can achieve natural results & facial rejuvenation with Antiwrinkle Injections and an array of Dermal Fillers, as well as Skin Boosters & Skin Bio-remodelling. Dermal Fillers are additionally an excellent way to add natural-looking contours & replenish volume loss to the lips, cheeks, chin, jawline & much more.

Antiwrinkle Effects and Duration


Dr. Rogers and his team will be happy to answer any questions you have about Antiwrinkle and Dermal Fillers during a private consultation. 

They will examine your skin closely and assess your health history and medication use to make sure these procedures are safe and appropriate for you. Once they have completed a thorough assessment goals & expectations will be discussed in order to create a treatment plan both you & your practitioner are happy with.

What are Fillers?

The main ingredient in fillers is Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally-occurring molecule within the body. The Hyaluronic Acid molecule is moisture-retentive and plays an important role in keeping elastin and collagen in the skin healthy.

The natural ageing process reduces the amount of collagen and hyaluronic acid in our skin, which causes deep lines and a reduced facial volume. 

Hyaluronic acid will fill deep lines and increase volume in targeted areas so these fillers achieve results that look and feel natural. Hyaluronic acid has the additional benefit of stimulating collagen production within the skin, which helps to extend and complement the outcomes of the injection. 

Is this treatment right for me?


Post-Operative Care

There is minimal downtime after your Antiwrinkle treatment. Patients are free to return to their daily activities including work following their injections. Avoid touching your treated area for a few hours following your appointment. 

You may have some swelling, bruising, or itchiness immediately after the procedure, but this will naturally disappear.
Antibacterial cream will be applied post treatment & it is recommended you avoid make-up for the duration of the day if possible.
Avoid hot temperatures including, saunas, spas & swimming pools for 24-48 hours following your treatment, it is also advised to avoid intense exercise for a few days as well.
Avoid alcohol for 24-48 hours.

Bruising and swelling can be reduced with cold compress. Patients can reduce post-procedure bruising by avoiding blood-thinning medication, anti-inflammatories and supplements for 10 days before and a week following their rejuvenation with Antiwrinkle and/or Dermal Fillers. Blood-thinning supplements include Ginkgo Biloba, turmeric, fish oils, garlic, and vitamin E. 


Antiwrinkle Injections take 14 days to fully kick in. Whereas of Filler will be apparent immediately and continue to improve as post-procedure swelling subsides. At DR Dental we always follow up with our clients at the 14 day mark.

The wrinkle-fighting results of Antiwrinkle Injections last for three to six months. Your wrinkles can soften, creating a natural smooth and relaxed skin tone. Patients who receive Antiwrinkle Injections to address the jaw muscle or masseters can see the effects start to appear 2 weeks after the injections. Full effect will be noticeable at about 4-8 weeks.


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