You don’t have to be born with
beautiful, healthy smile to have one!

Discover Your
Perfect Smile

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At Dr Dental we believe everyone should have access to the latest and safest treatments available.

We also understand that modern day life doesn’t always fit our clients busy schedules.

We have extended our hours to provide our clients with evening appointments to fit their busy schedules and to ensure their dental health is not put at risk leading to unnecessary discomfort.

Extended Business Hours

Open to 8pm Thursday evenings.

Digital Technologies

The latest digital technologies to ensure your treatment is completed in the same appointment.

Access to Dental Expertise

Access to over 40 years of dental expertise.

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Gum Health Management

Healthy gums are the key to a healthy mouth and body!

We now know the link between heart issues and severe gum infections are closely linked.

So ensure that you have your gums and teeth cleaned and checked at least once every 6 months.

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A bright healthy smile is a great way to feel confident meeting others.

New technologies in bleaching enable patients to both bleach at home in 2 30 min sessions a day over a 1-2 week period; as well as have in chair bleaching to create their new bright smile.

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Orthodontic Aligners

Recent advances enable dentists to straighten crowded teeth without traditional braces.

Digital design systems enable patients to see their result before any treatment is commenced.

Call us today to see how your smile can look using aligner therapy.

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Your New Smile

A perfect smile is a wonderful way to create self-confidence and show your best face to the world.

We can simulate with digital technologies and a series of facial photos the end result of a new smile.

Set up an appointment to see what your smile can look like and receive an obligation free written treatment plan after your designs have been reviewed.

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Specialist Team On Call

High quality dental care is the role of a team of clinicians, whether it is wisdom teeth treatments, implants for missing teeth or gum lifts for a gummy smile.

We have a team of highly qualified specialists on call to assist with all our patients needs.

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