How to choose a good dentist

It takes time to find the best dentist to meet your needs and provide you with the best possible treatment. We recommend you undertake some research and we have collated the following points to help guide in your decision making process.

Australian Dental Association (ADA)

The Australian Dental Association is the peak national body for the dental profession in Australia. The ADA maintains the latest news in dentistry, regulations and advocates oral health policies in Australia. Whether you are looking for a general dentist or specialist dental care, you can search through the ADA’s ‘Find a Dentist Service’


When choosing a dentist you should consider their experience and extra training. A good starting point is to determine whether the dentist has the necessary skills, experience and training to provide you with the best possible treatment through a comprehensive examination and discussion.


Experience levels vary from dentist to dentist.
You should research how long the dentist has been practicing for, as the old saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’. Therefore a dentist who has been practicing for many years is likely to have significant experience especially if they have committed to ongoing education.
A good dentist will stay relevant, consistently expanding their knowledge and keep up to date with the latest technologies by attending conferences and continuing education workshops. A good dentist will also surround themselves with a caring professional team so a phone call to the clinic can assist you in the decision as to which dentists to visit.

Preventative dentistry

The overarching goal of preventative dentistry is to maintain the health of your natural teeth. This is achieved via educational instructions such as methods including flossing and proper brushing. Preventative dentistry also involves dental services such as hygiene treatments, fluoride treatments, sealants, routine oral exams and diagnostic x-rays. All the above are key to addressing dental issues early in order to avoid major damage to your natural teeth and overall health.

Word of Mouth

Receiving a recommendation from a trusted family member or friend is invaluable. Like any other service, finding a dentist that you connect with and trust is personal, so ask around. People who have had a positive experience tend to want to share this knowledge with others in order to help them.

Dr Rogers is part of a global network of 200 of the world’s leading dental professionals, lecturers and university professors; one of the goals of this unique group is to take care of each others patients internationally through a seamless file sharing and communication process to ensure our patients are dentally protected in any of the major cities of the world.


At DR Dental South Yarra we take the time to listen to your concerns and advise the best way to address your oral health dental issues or even anxiety related to visiting the dentist. We explain what we are seeing by utilizing our unique photographic record system and discuss any planned treatment in a way that you will clearly understand.

Much like seeing a doctor or a hairdresser, seeing a dentist should be considered a long term relationship. Seeing the same integrated dental team is important to ensure you receive the highest level of care which is difficult to match when changing dental practices for different procedures.

Dr Rogers is the Clinical Director of the DR Dental South Yarra and ensures the clinical work performed by his passionate team of associates and hygienists is of the highest quality; implementing the latest technology for each patient to meet their individual dental needs…

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