Sterilisation systems in a dental clinic for patient protection

The sterilisation room plays a fundamental role in the organisation of areas of the dental clinic, both in terms of the safety of professionals, patients and for the work of the dental nurses and successful result of sterilisation processes. 

Our sterilisation room meets the two important needs of a healthcare and professional centre:

  •     Close and equidistant from professional areas in order to shorten the trips made by healthcare personnel to bring instruments to the sterilising centre 
  •     Reduce the possibility of having crossover between healthcare professionals intersecting with patients entering or leaving the clinical care area


Our sterilisation department includes a Miele thermal disinfector washer and 2 steam autoclave machines as well as a dedicated wrapping and storage system central to the 4 clinical rooms and protected from patient areas.

The Miele disinfector is specifically designed for medical purposes to ensure a safe and consistently reproducible first stage cleaning procedure of dental instruments.

The 2 autoclave machines employ heated steam under pressure to ensure the complete elimination of all bacteria, viruses and spores from the instruments following ADA national standards.

Once washed in the Miele all instruments are dried and bagged separately or placed in working metal cassettes for specific dental procedures and wrapped with a special material that will allow the sterilisation process to happen on the inside.

Each bag and cassette contains a color change indicator that monitors the effective sterilisation process has happened and keeps the instruments sterile until opened.

The Miele and autoclave are professionally audited on an annual basis to ensure their maintenance and effectiveness is up to date.

Every working day, two separate tests ( Helix test and Bowie-Dick test) are performed on each autoclave to ensure a flawless sterilisation process.

Every test result is carefully monitored in a sterilisation journal where we record each load number, the dental instruments contained in each load and the temperature parameters reached to ensure an effective sterilization cycle.


Instrument tracking: 

All instrument bags and wrapped cassettes have written on them:

  • the autoclave machine,
  • the load number and 
  • the sterilisation date 


Each time an instrument is used on a patient these tracking details are documented in our system so we can always trace each instrument.


What happens between patients to ensure other patients safety

To ensure the safety of our patients and our team we follow a strict disinfection protocol between patients:

  • The dental chair, bench around it, sink, dentist desk and chairs in the surgery are cleaned spraying a fine mist of Hypochlorous acid proven to be effective in eliminating COVID-19 virus as well as being non toxic and safe for human contact.
  • The floors as well are swept at the beginning and end of the day and sprayed with Hypochlorous acid.
  • Patient headrest, surfaces of the dental chair used by the dentist or the nurse such as the light or chair buttons are also covered with disposable plastic barriers changed between each patient.
  • Every instrument or material used is either disposed of after one use or is sterilised in cassettes and sterilised bags then stored in negative pressure environments until needed.

Dr Rogers is the Clinical Director of the DR Dental South Yarra and ensures the clinical work performed by his passionate team of associates and hygienists is of the highest quality; implementing the latest technology for each patient to meet their individual dental needs…

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